Ematco prefabricated products

Straight Pipes / Multi-layered Pipes

Can also include coating and pre-joints

Fittings with Terostat Coatings

Fittings such as elbows, tees, flanges to include Terostat Coatings

Large size elbows

Ranging from 24" to 60"

Multi-Segment Elbows

Depending on size of diameter, elbows can be multi-segmented and even multi-layered

Pittsburgh corning stratafab

Stratafab pipe sectionals


Tees with same outer diameter (OD) or 2 different OD

90 Degree elbow

Small size 90 degree elbows or with double layers

Flanges insulation

Flange fittings fully customised dimensions

ematco precision-cut engineered head

Every curvature is precision-cut and clearly labelled for efficient and cost saving installation


Reducer fittings for pipes with different OD

foamglas with removable covers

Customised removable covers with thermal insulation materials

insulation for support clamps

Support clamps

end caps

End caps for pipings

foamglas ship lap

Another cusomised project of Foamglas ship lap

curved segments

Used in very big curvature projects

floating rings

Custom made floating rings for equipment vessels

insulation block support

Insulation block for supports

removable insulation mattresses

Easy to remove insulation mattresses or blankets

personal protection cages

To protect against touching hot surfaces

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